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Helping parents survive babyhood

For over 50 years, tommee tippee has been making baby products that are both smart and simple, blending intuitive design with innovative features to help parents care for their children the way nature intended. At The Stable, we were drawn in by tommee tippee’s combination of distinctive products with a marketing approach that focuses on the positive aspects of infancy and parenting.

Recognizing areas for improvement

Driven by decades of international success, tommee tippee launched in the U.S. in 2010. By the time The Stable came along in 2015, tommee tippee was well-established throughout the baby retail market, including Target. But that success was hampered by some challenges, as we heard through our strong relationship with the buyer for Target’s baby department. We loved tommee tippee’s business, so we developed a framework for how we would optimize its Target business and reached out to see whether we could work together.

Showing the way to success

We focused on how tommee tippee and Target could develop a more strategic partnership, outlining a three-point approach that brought together joint business planning, collaborative forecasting, and targeted marketing and promotions. Together, these elements promised to solidify the foundation of the business while also revealing opportunities for both margin and sales growth. We joined forces when tommee tippee saw how the power of its brand could combine with The Stable’s tactical business approach to define a path to greater success.

The Results

Since then, we have seamlessly executed our plan, delivering across-the-board improvements. From establishing a joint business plan and aligning on key financial metrics to refining the promotional process and improving forecast accuracy, the partnership between tommee tippee and Target has never been stronger!