Coming Full Circle to Reinvent a Product Category

Program Negotiations

Reducing crime in communities

Ring pioneered the smart home market with its simple, yet powerful mission: reducing crime in communities. This vision sets Ring apart from the rest of the consumer electronics milieu: it has a soul—a reason for being that surpasses merely making money.

At The Stable, we were inspired by Ring’s authenticity, embodied by its founder, Jamie Siminoff. We knew we had to find a way to work with the entire Ring team.

Given the complexity of the brand, how do we reposition a leader in the Smart Home Industry?

Ring had already established a large direct-to-consumer business and developed significant inroads with several major retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. But Ring had not engaged Target beyond testing, and its early performance hadn’t impressed either side.

We approached Ring to offer the tools it needed to establish, scale, and optimize its performance at Target. In sharing The Stable’s story, we highlighted what makes us different and focused on our unique approach to advancing the Ring brand. Ring gladly accepted our proposal, and we started working together in mid-2015.

Repositioning a Home Electronics Leader

One of our first moves was convincing Target to shift Ring’s products from the hardware department to the electronics floorpad. We also focused on leveraging Ring’s existing investments in social, digital, and broadcast advertising to bring much-needed attention to Target’s nascent smart home business.

Motivated by everyone’s enthusiasm and the success of our initial re-visioning, The Stable’s new smart home merchant team met with Target to highlight Ring’s unique mission, elegant product solution, and willingness to make Target the centerpiece of its Holiday 2015 marketing campaign.

The Results

Ring was placed in all 1800 Target Stores in October 2015

Over the past 2 years, Ring has seen a 25x growth in business

"The Stable is hands down, the most dedicated & knowledgeable sales agencies in the retail market today. Most sales groups promise results - The Stable delivers."

- Donald Hicks, Head of Global Sales