La Colombe

Brewing a Better Market

Program Negotiations
Launched in Store

America deserves better coffee

La Colombe Coffee Roasters was founded in 1994 to bring America better coffee, blending ancient and modern coffee traditions to source the best coffee and roast it with care. Now, with cafés in six major U.S. cities and a thriving online store, La Colombe has introduced its groundbreaking Draft Latte. Draft Latte is made with real cold-press Nizza espresso—no instant coffee here—as well as hormone- and lactose-free milk from local dairies and minimal sugar. Draft Latte is packaged with nitrous oxide to provide a thick, café-style froth from a convenient, portable can.

Aiming at Target

The Stable discovered La Colombe while we were researching the incredible growth in the cold-brew coffee business, and we immediately developed a connection. We believed that La Colombe was destined for something big and knew that we could help the company launch its innovative offerings at Target. After we explained our vision for strategic growth and outlined all the elements necessary for a successful campaign, we officially started our partnership in 2016.

Overperforming in overindexed markets

We approached Target with our plan to strategically launch La Colombe’s Draft Latte in specific markets where grab-and-go cold coffee beverages were in high demand. Target agreed to the test, which included numerous promotions, sampling events, and a social campaign to drive product interest and awareness. La Colombe performed so well that Target expanded the product into all of its stores after only three months!

The Results

Today, La Colombe has become one of the fastest-growing beverage brands at Target. We continue to create growth in multiple categories across the store with events and promotions, including seasonal displays. America is loving the next generation of coffee, thanks to La Colombe!