Hint Water

Sweetening The Deal


Making water more delicious

We all know we should drink more water, but not everyone enjoys plain water. Enter Hint, with its unsweetened flavored waters that refresh without calories, sweeteners, or preservatives. Hint is available in a variety of natural flavors and essences such as watermelon, blackberry, crisp apple, and blood orange. Hint is for health-conscious customers who want to drink water, not sugar.

Growing side-by-side through an integrated approach

We partnered with Hint in late 2016 after a discussion about the brand’s incredible potential for growth and our ability to help it achieve that growth. The Stable brought our customary clear vision to explain how we could help Hint grow its brand using a strategic approach that combined all the marketing elements we knew would be effective for Hint’s products.

Creating and marketing a novel product

A few months into our partnership, Hint came to us with an entirely new idea: an all-natural sunscreen product that was pleasantly fruit-scented. We immediately loved the idea, as it offered an unparalleled differentiation in the marketplace. We identified Target as the ideal retailer for this innovative product and put together a comprehensive plan that we knew would get both parties excited about the new venture. Our plan worked smashingly—Hint’s sunscreen will soon be offered in the majority of Target stores and showcased on its innovation secondary spaces!

The Results

Hint’s water business at Target has never been better, with distribution in all Target stores. Since partnering with The Stable, Hint has become one of the fastest-growing beverage brands at Target, dominating the flavored-water category.