Nothing Impulsive About This Long-Term Relationship

Program Negotiations
Product & Trend Development
Launched in Store

Keeping quality simple

Gems might manufacture low-cost, impulse-buy electronics and electronics accessories, but there’s nothing cheap about them. Gems believes in keeping its products simple—making durable, high-quality cables, connectors, batteries, and chargers with honesty and integrity.

Working together from the start

Gems was one of the first brands to join The Stable portfolio. Before The Stable even launched, we were in talks with Gems to achieve our shared vision of filling the white space in value-priced electronics at Target and beyond. The Stable worked with Gems before its brand launch to develop its full product assortment. The Gems team brought sourcing experience, while we offered sales and business development expertise, including market and trend research and product forecasting.

Maximizing product placement

Our teams started early on a plan to pitch value-priced impulse electronics to Target stores.
With a strong understanding of the competition, we knew there was a significant opportunity to offer inexpensive cables, cases, and chargers at the checklane to customers who weren’t in Target to purchase electronics. We worked closely with Target’s buyer to help her understand the value of this incremental opportunity. What started as a 100-store test quickly grew to a full-chain implementation and a recognizable brand, not just in Target but also among other major retailers.

The Results

With the right item selection and placement, Gems’s strong focus on quality and style, and our combined ability to offer extreme value, we have successfully brought mobile electronics to the front of Target stores nationwide. More importantly, we have developed a true partnership over the years, with our teams working together to expand distribution and find new opportunities across all of our retail channels.