Where Passion Meets Purpose—Period

Program Negotiations
Launched in Store

Making a mission of “that time of the month”

Cora offers sustainably and ethically produced organic tampons through a customized delivery subscription program. For every month’s subscription, Cora also donates a month’s supply of menstrual products to girls in need around the world. Cora uses the power of business to improve gender equality and education for girls and women in India, Kenya, and right here in the U.S., helping the nearly 25 million American women who live below the poverty line and cannot reliably afford period products. Cora believes in giving all women access to safe, effective products, empowering them to work and go to school all month long.

Expanding into brick-and-mortar stores

We connected with Cora in 2016 through a referral from Target. Cora was ready to expand its service from online subscriptions into physical stores, expanding awareness and accessibility. Everyone at The Stable was incredibly impressed by Cora’s vision for both the brand and the mission. We were excited to form a partnership that would help Cora navigate Target effectively.

Passing the test at Target

We started by helping Cora secure a test run in select Target stores during late 2016. The Stable developed promotional planning and external marketing campaigns to aid in the launch, but we soon realized that the test stores where Cora was offered weren’t optimized for wellness guests. We quickly worked with the buyer to adjust the test stores, giving Cora a fair shot in the trial. In the new segment of stores, Cora performed extremely well. Based on those results, we developed a full-chain rollout plan for Target, incorporating all the distinct elements needed to successfully launch the brand nationwide.

The Results

Cora has become a key wellness partner for Target and will be offered across multiple categories in all Target stores starting in April 2018. We’re looking forward to seeing what other innovative solutions Cora will bring to women’s health care!