The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.


Amplifying Results For A Fast-Growing Athletic Brand


Amplifying Results For A Fast-Growing Athletic Brand

About Our Partnership

Making Media Gains

We began working with Alphalete in Q3 2021 to launch campaigns across paid media channels for Google and Microsoft Search, Meta (Facebook and Instagram), plus two new-to-them channels: TikTok and Pinterest. What started as a straightforward digital marketing engagement quickly turned into a strong partnership, striving towards business growth together in new ways.


Digital Marketing, Creative, Data + Analytics

Key Deliverables

Google + Microsoft Search, Facebook + Instagram Paid, Google Shopping, Programmatic Display, Pinterest Organic + Paid, TikTok Organic + Paid, Influencer + Affiliate Marketing, Custom Creative


Exceeded ROAS Goal


Exceeded Revenue Goal


Increase in YOY Ad Spend


Est. YOY Revenue Growth

About The Brand

Striving For More, Together

Alphalete is an athletic apparel brand based in Houston, Texas that started in 2012. The brand began as a YouTube channel by gym enthusiast Christian Guzman, who was screen printing custom-fitted shirts at the time. Only a few years later, Alphalete is quickly becoming a +$100MM brand with a massive flagship, state of the art fitness center called “Alphaland” in the Houston area.

Starting Strong

Developing A Launch Campaign Strategy

With a September 2021 launch date, it was off to the races as we only had two months to get ready for a full Q4 strategy, including two new channels (TikTok and Pinterest) that the brand had not yet tested. Alphalete has multiple large product drops each month that drive the bulk of their revenue. We developed a strategy of teaser pre-launch campaigns to increase hype for the live-launch time frame, which proved radically effective with 6,700% ROAS leading up to live-launch.

Creating New Opportunities

Adding Organic Social + UGC

As we dug deeper into Alphalete’s media mix, we realized they would need assistance managing organic social for Pinterest and TikTok. The brand needed to establish a strong organic presence within their paid channels to ensure customers could further develop their experience and engage with the brand. We incorporated user-generated content (UGC) into our organic social strategy for Alphalete.

Finding Connections

Leveraging Social Insights To Generate Sales Impact

After receiving many comments about out-of-stock products as we managed Alphalete’s social media channels, our Analytics Team conducted an analysis of the impact of Alphalete’s Amplify leggings on overall sales. We discovered that nearly 19% of net new customers purchased leggings or shorts, and it became evident that ensuring the product’s availability was key for increasing lifetime value. Given this, Alphalete refocused their efforts on maintaining inventory levels to meet evergreen demand, leading to two straight months of sales accounting for 39% of earnings year-to-date.

Building Creative

Performance-Oriented Assets Across Channels

Going into the holidays, we also took over media creative for Alphalete in order to help build out best practice creative per channel. With the uprising of TikTok and Reels, we knew content needed to feel native to each platform, and not like an ad. We worked with our platform representatives to develop performance-oriented creative across all channels.

Gaining Social Proof

Introducing Influencer Marketing

In order to launch organically, Alphalete also needed user-generated content (UGC) creative through influencer campaigns for each platform. We identified influencers who fit the brand and had high engagement rates. Then, we built detailed briefs for these influencers to develop performance-oriented organic and paid media creative for specific sounds or types of videos, like unboxing, that would work in a paid capacity.

Leveraging Publisher Partnerships

Amplifying Sales with Affiliate Marketing

As a natural expansion to accelerate eCommerce growth, Alphalete launched a new Affiliate Marketing program. The goal was to engage with new untapped audiences, create scalable partnerships, and drive incremental performance via top coupon publishers. Ninety days after launch on, the affiliate program contributed to 8% of Alphalete’s overall eCommerce sales, exceeding the initial revenue goal for the channel by 60% and the 10:1 ROAS goal by 250%.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

The combination of optimal creative, pre-drop and live launch strategy, and optimized-for-performance new channels produced record-breaking results for Alphalete. We exceeded the 750% ROAS goal by 1,300%. Additionally, we exceeded the brand’s revenue goal by 13%, and increased ad spend by 347% YoY. Typically, when ad spend goes up, ROAS goes down. However, in this case, the strategy we employed facilitated more revenue at a higher ROAS as we helped the brand scale effectively.

“We commend ourselves for doing everything in-house, so when The Stable approached us initially we were apprehensive. After working with The Stable for over a year, it’s very apparent that they are committed to the brand and its growth. They exceeded all goals we set and we’re now taking on new initiatives to continue growing the brand!”

Moiz Ahmed, Head of Sales at Alphalete