From D3 college baseball to Proctor & Gamble to Startup Life, in this episode of The Hard Road, we talk to Matt Swanson (aka Swanny), the founder of Rethink Brands. Tune in to learn about Swanny’s journey, what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, and his five steps to building the perfect pitch deck.

What’s ahead…
0:30 – Meet Swanny
6:35 – Taking the leap to launch Rethink Water
9:40 – “It was one of those WTF moments of “Does water for kids even exist?”
12:40 – Breaking the news on Rethink Water’s newest product innovation.
15:10 – Fundraising with nothing but an idea.
18:45 – From Proctor & Gamble to Google to hoofing water in 24” of snow.
21:45 – One of the hardest decisions Swanny had to make, pivoting the business.
25:27 – Separating the entrepreneurs from the wantrepreneurs.
30:36 – 5 steps to building a sales deck that actually work.
32:20 – Questions from Swanny’s friends (biggest learnings, biggest misconceptions about entrepreneurs, Tommy John surgery).
39:00 – The song Swanny listens to before every big meeting.

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