The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
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We drive growth by finding the right shoppers on the right channels


Digital Marketing + Media Services

We help our brand partners get in front of their target audience across all media channels to increase awareness and encourage loyal, omnichannel purchasers.

By leveraging data across all digital marketing and media channels, we recommend, optimize, and iterate digital strategies for our brands while also helping to shape the audience segments that we target. Through data-driven strategy and technology-driven machine learning, we drive growth through digital channels, and work to acquire customers with the highest potential lifetime value (LTV).

Organic Social

We help brands leverage organic social media to build a community and grow their business. We leverage social channels to gain insights about each brand’s audience, build brand awareness, deepen customer relationships, and increase trust and transparency.

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Email Marketing

We create and execute email roadmaps that nurture customers and grow sales. By partnering with leading email service providers (ESPs), we create managed email offerings for brands that combine our expertise in growing businesses with email best practices, and results in increased revenue and customer loyalty.

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SMS Marketing

We use SMS marketing to deepen customer relationships and compliment all other digital channels. Our team of SMS marketers build high return-on-investment (ROI) SMS automations that align with our clients’ brand messaging and provide unique subscriber experiences that engage audiences, drive revenue, and build brand loyalty.

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Influencer Marketing

We offer full-service influencer marketing campaign management and optimization to help brands gain access to new customers and build awareness. Our creative strategy starts and ends with data, while also leveraging unique storytelling to maximize engagement for our brands.

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Affiliate Marketing

We nurture relationships with top affiliate platforms to ensure our clients’ programs are set up to scale. Our experts tailor brands’ affiliate marketing programs to align with their overarching goals, whether we are working to improve return on ad spend (ROAS), product margin, sales, or increase new customers.

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SEO + Technical SEO

We help brands achieve optimal visibility on search engines via robust search engine optimization (SEO) services including keyword optimization, site-speed improvements, technical SEO updates, and link-building initiatives. Additionally, our SEO experts provide comprehensive SEO implementation for new eCommerce website builds and migrations so that brands can quickly rank on Google after launch.

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PPC Advertising

We create and implement PPC strategies to help brands reach consumers at exactly the right time. Using strategies tailored to brands’ unique key performance indicators (KPIs), we level-up PPC advertising campaigns by matching intent with ad copy, relevant calls-to-action (CTAs), and seamless landing page experiences that deliver the strongest results.

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Programmatic Advertising

We use programmatic advertising to deliver the right messages to brands’ target audiences in a scalable way. We use leading demand side platforms (DSPs) and data management platforms that specialize in retargeting campaigns focused on returning lost customers or capturing new ones through contextual messaging.

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Retail Media

We manage, optimize, and provide strategic insights for media campaigns across major retailers (Target, Walmart, Meijer, and more). These services include retail media management, budget guidance, item selection, campaign setup, ongoing optimization, measurements, and recapping.

We can also help brands yield better returns using our proprietary offsite media technology, Hyphen, to convert online shoppers, eliminate media waste, and gain visibility into campaign performances.

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Featured Digital Marketing + Media Partners

With a dedicated partnerships team to support and grow relationships with not only the major media platforms, but a best-in-class stack of digital marketing and media solutions, we leverage our unmatched ecosystem expertise to enhance our media service offerings.

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