The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
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We design the loyalty-building brand experiences that people love


User Experience (UX) + Website Design

A web experience that just “feels right” isn’t a strike of lighting – it’s research and strategy-informed design that allows customers to see the brand as a vehicle for the changes they seek in their world.

Our UX research, strategy, and design teams help brands become that vehicle, thus driving humans to love and trust the brand, and ultimately, become loyal customers. Working hand-in-hand with our brand strategy, creative, and content teams, we deliver beautiful and purposeful branded experiences across all commerce touch points, including custom applications, websites, retail-connected marketing, and beyond.

UX Research

We help our brands discover the stories that inform and impact their business in order to create “new knowledge” and differentiate each brand. We seek problem spaces to inform our solutioning, which is then delivered through heuristic analysis, one-to-one moderated interviews, customer-testing, anthropological field studies, and other research methodologies.

UX Strategy

We believe in delivering the “right solution” on time, not just”a solution” on time. We begin with a breath of understanding before transitioning to depth; adjusting our approach based on internal and external feedback and research at each stage of the design process. We explore our solutions through sketching, raw wireframes, prototypes, interaction concepts, persona alignment, and content integration to generate themes for success.

UX Design (UXD)

Backed by research and strategy, our UX/UI designers leverage industry benchmarks and intuitive design to ensure that each of our brands stands out from the competition. We design frictionless experiences that enhance product discovery and product quality, leverage animation and interaction design, add interest, improve wayfinding, and deliver system status. The result of these efforts are custom, responsive websites and applications that are proven to increase conversion and exceed revenue goals. 

Brand + Creative

We push new and existing brands beyond their boundaries to shape what it means to be a brand today. Whether it is through research, brand strategy, photo and video production, packaging, retail design, campaign development, or emerging platform creative, we strive to meet an increasingly conscious consumer with impactful ideas, meaningful perspectives, and purpose-driven values.

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User Interface Design

Our user interface (UI) designs connect concepts from research and strategy, brand, interaction design, information architecture (IA), and UX documentation to bring each branded experience to life. We deliver high-fidelity page layouts for all device instances and breakpoints, design systems and style guides, component and modular libraries, and UI elements, allowing design integration with engineering teams.

Technical Design Implementation

We strategically deliver our work for an efficient transition into the UI, visual design, and code development stages. This execution includes prototypes, design systems, modules, component libraries, and annotations for engineering handoff. Post-launch, our ongoing process for clients on revenue and conversion rate optimization (CRO) retainers includes sprint check-ins, design user acceptance testing (UAT), roadmapping, and managing a next steps backlog.

Featured DTC Partners

With a dedicated partnerships team to support and grow relationships with not only Shopify Plus, but a curated, best-in-class stack of Shopify Plus technology solutions, we leverage our unmatched ecosystem expertise to enhance our DTC service offerings.

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