The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
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We grow LTV for DTC brands through custom subscription programs


Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a core component of today’s DTC world, and among many benefits, allow brands to gain recurring revenue, decrease churn, and deepen connections with customers, leading to increased customer lifetime value (LTV).

Our team has expertise building subscription programs for brands spanning different industries, including food and beverage, health and wellness, fashion and apparel, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and beauty. Regardless of size, stage, or vertical, subscriptions can be a valuable and powerful tool; however, in order to facilitate sustainable growth, you need the right foundation and a long-term, data-driven plan.

Program Modeling

We pair each of our subscription clients with a strategist and data scientist to guide them through discovery. Here, we identify which subscription model will work best based on the brand’s customer base, the types of products they sell, and how often customers purchase.

From “Amazon Prime” style membership programs, to surprise and delight “loot” boxes, to weekly meal delivery services, to “subscribe more, save more” style build-a-box solutions, we help our brands deliver unique subscription experiences to their customers.

eCommerce Website Builds + Migrations:

For clients who engage with us on eCommerce website builds or migrations (from other platforms to Shopify Plus), we offer seamless subscription program migration, creation, and/or optimization in conjunction with the larger website project.

Learn More About Website Builds + Migrations

Our Data-Driven Approach:

We set subscription programs up for success by implementing tracking to measure the impact of new features on core business metrics. Over time, we use learnings from monthly analysis to evaluate, prioritize, and adjust our ongoing strategic roadmap for each of our subscription clients.

Subscription programs offer brands the ability to regularly suggest cross-sells (one-time products) and/or up-sells that shoppers will find useful and can add to their order with the click of a button. Our data-driven approach also helps us optimize these recommendations with our brands. 

Custom Subscription Dashboards

Although popular and often effective, not every subscription program is built on a “subscribe-and-save” replenishment model. Instead, we are often tasked with extending the capabilities of the subscription app ecosystem to enable new and unique business models.

Our insight into building and optimizing custom subscription dashboards allows us to quickly and efficiently create unique, user-friendly experiences that delight customers, allow them to manage their subscription program on their own, and keep them coming back for more.

On-Site Customer Experience

As consumer preferences and expectations shift, convenience in commerce has grown increasingly important. Brands that meet these evolving consumer demands with innovative digital offerings, including user-friendly subscription models and immersive digital experiences, will be set up for success in the minds of consumers.

With support from our user-experience (UX) designers, coupled with insights from UX research, data, and analytics, our clients’ subscription programs feature powerful and engaging design, clear subscription incentives, and flexible options that drive conversion and loyalty.

Ongoing Optimization

The subscription model is attractive to both consumers and brands because it facilitates an ongoing value exchange for both parties. For brands, the benefits of improved metrics, along with predictable revenue, more touch points with consumers, and better inventory forecasting are invaluable.

Our revenue optimization retainers allow us to continue fine-tuning our clients’ subscription programs over time, thus helping to drive adoption, mitigate churn, and increase average order value (AOV) and purchase frequency. We help our clients not only build the foundation for these improvements, but continue to iterate upon their program for sustainable growth.

Featured DTC Partners

With a dedicated partnerships team to support and grow relationships with not only Shopify Plus, but a curated, best-in-class stack of Shopify Plus technology solutions, we leverage our unmatched ecosystem expertise to enhance our DTC service offerings.

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