The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
The Stable is now a part of Accenture Song.
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We achieve results through informed decisions backed by data and analytics


Data + Analytics

We leverage data and analytics to infer real-time insights that inform smarter decisions at every commerce touchpoint. As a result, we maximize sales opportunities for our brands across both retail and direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels.

Through best-in-class commerce strategy, rooted in industry-leading data capabilities, we provide customized, actionable answers to our clients’ biggest questions and fuel the operational excellence that leads to explosive growth across all channels.

Retail Data + Analytics

We maximize sales opportunities and achieve measurable results at retail across our brands, categories, and partners with industry-leading data capabilities. We take a new approach to retail analytics by leveraging insights everywhere the consumer shops so that we can provide customized and actionable answers to our brands’ biggest questions.

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DTC Data + Analytics

Successful direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are innately customer-centric; striving to deliver the best, most memorable experience to their digital consumers.

We help our DTC brands better understand their customers’ wants and needs so that they can make more confident optimization decisions and drive the most seamless path to purchase. As a Google Premier Partner, our data and analytics capabilities inform strategic roadmaps for our clients, and also provide custom data modeling so brands can tailor their site to their customers’ unique behaviors.

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Media Data + Analytics

We analyze our brands’ media channels and campaign performance to inform ongoing media strategy and optimization. Leveraging historical data combined with industry benchmarks and research, our media experts help our brands define their target audience and buyer personas, and then create unique channel strategies that will drive the right traffic to their stores.

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Our Proprietary Tools

We use our proprietary analytics tools to provide a deeper look at shopper behaviors, demographics, competitor brands, and more. Through our patent-pending capabilities, we use dynamic, advanced analytics to access data that drives decision-making and maximizes sales opportunities for our brands.

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Category Management

Our Category Management team helps set, lead, and execute the strategic direction for categories at Target. With 13 category captainships at Target, our expertise drives incremental value and insights to merchant teams in order to grow categories through reporting, recommendations, and collaboration. 

Future-Proofed Measurement

We understand the importance of privacy compliance for both consumers and brands. We bring industry expertise to ensure privacy-safe measurement, cookie management, and data collection to offer lasting solutions for our clients.