Branding UX/UI Design

As we prepare to move into the second half of 2022, the design team at The Brand + Content Studio at The Stable decided to take a meaningful look into the design trends that we’ve all come to notice, whether it’s on mood boards, in branding or in our feeds. Our discipline moves quite fast, and certain design choices or aesthetic seems to permeate our subconscious before we can even put our finger on them. The intention with this exercise is to define and categorize these design patterns, qualifying them as either “thriving” or “diving”.

A “thriving” trend is one that we see as emerging, and with a foreseeable healthy lifespan ahead of itself. These aesthetic movements are all representative, in one way or another, of our current collective subconscious. They evolve, as our culture continues to transform, sometimes becoming a completely new trend over time.

A “diving” trend, on the other hand, is one that has been utilized ad nauseam, leading to a sea of brands that look almost indistinguishable from one another. A lot of trends within this category were initially refreshing and memorable, this led them to gain popularity and eventually become diluted due to continuous repetition.

We continuously strive to create impactful, purposeful and long lived work for our clients. This type of introspective exercise is imperative for us to do so, challenging our approach and perception, and empowering us to grow as creatives.

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