Hyphen Media Retail Shopability

In a cluttered world of endless content consumption, shoppers and brands require engaging experiences and seamless paths to purchase. How and when should you intercept shoppers?

There are many media/shopability partners out there who tout the fastest route is the best route, but is it? Not all consumer journeys are the same. Why should you apply the same user experience to all shoppers, product categories and retailers? The answer is: you shouldn’t.

The pandemic gave way to an undeniable shift to online shopping and with that cemented a grocery list of expectations among shoppers that reset what matters when interacting with brands and buying from them.


Out-of-Stocks encourage shoppers to try new brands/products, thus making previous brand loyalists abandon cart literally and quickly. This now commonplace “steal sharing” stressed the importance of ensuring media efforts are directed to an actual sale vs. an out of stock PDP. If shoppers click an add-to-cart CTA, there is a high probability they do not want to “learn more” about your product. They know it, they need it, they want to buy it. Why take a 33% chance of losing a sale by directing to an out of stock product page? Luckily, we are not the gambling type.

Hyphen proactively solves for this less than ideal user experience by only targeting based on where your product is in stock. By doing so, your media is operating at max speed, driving true purchase and retaining loyalty. No media waste or reduced lifetime value on our watch.

Clicks Aren’t All Equal

Others may claim that any click on an ad is indicative of a purchase. That could not be further from the truth. Shopper behavior combats that myth. The number of “touchpoints” Think with Google identified for each shopper journey ranged between 20+ (candy bar) and 500+ (flights). Less than 10% of shoppers buy from the first touchpoint. Why assume that an automatic add-to-cart is what a shopper wants? We know what they say about assuming…

Hyphen prides itself on qualifying true purchase intent. With our dynamic digital shelf, brands can glean insights into what products are conversion-driving, average basket sizes and retail preferences of their shoppers. All of which are shared weekly to not only inform future campaigns, but optimize concurrent ones. The purchase journey should be in the hands of the shopper, not dictated for them.

Load Times

Load time is a key indicator of engagement. Shoppers in this digital-first world are accustomed to immediate content and lots of it. Nearly 70% of consumers admit that page speed impacts their willingness to buy which is why website conversion rates drop by an average of 2.11% with each additional second of load time. When it comes to fostering a seamless experience, brands and marketers have to ask themselves, would I wait for this content to load? We bet you wouldn’t.

Hyphen is effective at driving shoppers to a branded, 100% competitive-free digital shelf within seconds. We see capture rate (the opposite of bounce rate) upwards of 80% per campaign, well above the industry average of 50%.


It’s all about me. Mobile commerce has evolved into “me” commerce. Shoppers want things to be easy and personalized: being served relevant recommendations, encouraged to build basket and reminded of their favorite products. Personalization is becoming a more dominant filter in a shopper choosing not only to buy, but also decide whether to give a brand a chance. 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them and 72% say they only engage with personalized messaging.

Hyphen focuses on providing shoppers with specifically curated products based on where they are in real-time with the option to change locations for purchase. This allows flexibility and selection for those shoppers who may prefer an alternative location.

What Now?

We believe in good stewardship of brands and shoppers. Ask these critical questions of your existing partners:

  • What’s your bidding strategy? Vanity metrics, like only evaluating high clicks, propagate media waste by allowing for cheap inventory to inflate media metrics with below-average capture rates and lackluster conversion rates. HYPHEN bids on conversion actions that occur with our proprietary platform.

  • How are you optimizing? For campaigns looking to drive results, it requires targeting shoppers with granularity and optimizing campaigns based on conversion intent and first-party data, not just ad engagement.

  • What’s your capture rate? Capture rate is the total amount of media traffic that actually lands on a shoppable site (visits/clicks).  On average, most sites only recognize 50% of the media traffic.

If you don’t like the answers you get asking the above, reach out to us. Our team is ready to come up with an impactful solution to drive results and make shoppers happy.