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The Hard Road Podcast Cover

Ep. 5: How do I get my brand into Target?

The Hard Road Podcast Cover

This week on The Hard Road podcast, we sat down with a few members of our Retail Team here at The Stable. Tune in to hear from Christi Engbloom, Mike Katz, and Mark Tonsoni on how to approach brick-and-mortar retail, learn about building relationships, and break down how to scale your business at Target.

Introductions – 1:00
Who is Target? – 2:45
What has Target done so well over the past 5 years? – 6:00
How do you get your brand into Target? – 10:00
How do I find the Target buyer for my product? – 12:22
How do you successfully pitch a Target buyer? – 17:30
You’ve got your purchase order. Now what? – 20:36
How do you be successful and grow your business at Target? – 28:00
What role do exclusives play in Target negotiations? – 33:08
Our top tips for brands at Target – 35:50