From the home kitchen to retail rollouts to product positioning, in this episode of The Hard Road, we talk to Rob Dalton, co-founder of 88 Acres. Listen in to hear about Rob’s journey as an entrepreneur, building company culture, and his top advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

1:30 – 88 Acres Story
4:15 – Discovering white space + opportunity at Whole Foods
5:40 – Prioritizing food + allergy safety
6:25 – From the home kitchen to baking for events
8:20 – Being the first kid in school with a nut allergy
9:00 – Focusing on what makes the food great, not what’s not in it
10:30 – Going all in on 88 Acres
15:15 – Raising capital and networking
17:20 – Where is 88 Acres today?
21:05 – Doing what it takes to grow a brand
23:39 – Putting culture first
25:38 – Rob’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs
27:38 – Rob’s favorite 88 Acres products

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