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Ep. 2: The Two Traits Behind Successful Serial Entrepreneurs with Brian Levin (Perky Jerky).

A thriving career in liquor, mobile tech, and finally, beef jerky. In this episode of The Hard Road, we talk to Brian Levin, the founder of Perky Jerky, hearing the story behind how Grey Goose got its name, the two things entrepreneurs need to be successful, and how to identify the right market for a new product.

What’s ahead…
2:46 – Naming a little liquor brand called Grey Goose.
4:45 – Entering the world of mobile technology.
16:30 – Getting serious about beef jerky.
17:49 – The two traits you need to have as a serial entrepreneur.
26:16 – Moving Perky Jerky into the world of retail.
33:15 – Bonus stories from American Idol
35:42 – High-fiving the US Ambassador to Japan while wearing a suit made of beef jerky.

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