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b8ta and The Stable Partner to Bring the Future of Retail to Today

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Minneapolis and Silicon Valley are coming together in a unique partnership bringing showroom experience to life with retail agency, The Stable’s, Internet of Things (IoT) brand partners.

Located in Palo Alto, Calif., b8ta is all about products, not packaging. It is the first brick-and-mortar retailer structured to help people discover, experience and buy the latest tech and IoT products. Because shopping is sensory, b8ta believes retailers should allow for a hands-on experience in-store that tells the shopper the whole story.

Last December, b8ta was introduced to The Stable, a Minneapolis-based retail sales agency that represents and brokers retail deals on behalf of many brands within the IoT category. Given their aligned interests toward the explosive growth of IoT and their shared vision for helping awesome brands tell great stories at retail, it’s not surprising they sought out a collaboration partnership with each other.

“We wanted to provide our brand partners with a platform to help tell their story at retail. We have been huge fans of b8ta since the day they opened and had no choice but to find a way to partner with them in a really interesting way.” – Chad Hetherington, CEO, The Stable

b8ta will showcase IoT products that are represented by The Stable. The aim for this collaboration is to expose great brands to b8ta customers and IoT enthusiasts as well as provide a new marketing platform for The Stable’s portfolio of brands.

B8ta and The Stable share a mission–help new customers experience the most innovative products in the world,” said Jen McCabe, VP Growth and Strategy, b8ta. “We’re thrilled to introduce The Stable’s line of products to b8ta visitors.”

The Stable will feature two of their brand partners, Aumi and Emberlight, beginning today, June 15 through August 15 and will roll out two new brand partners every two months through the end of 2016. The brands will range from startups, to well-established brands, all who play in the IoT category.

Aumi is a Bluetooth enabled, multi-color, rechargeable LED nightlight that can be controlled through smartphones allowing complete control over the brightness and color of the nightlight. Emberlight is a smart lighting company that turns any light into a smart light. Their device is a plug and play adapter that screws into any existing light socket, connects to home WiFi networks and enables users to control the light from anywhere in the world.

“We feel strongly that the story of Emberlight is best told through experience. We’re so excited that through our partnership with The Stable, we now have this platform to tell the Emberlight story in the b8ta store this summer.” – Atif Noori, CEO and Founder, Emberlight

With the landscape of retail rapidly changing, partnerships such as these give a glimpse into what the future of brick-and-mortar retail will be.